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The Zinc House is a must-see-to-believe, one-of-a-kind home located at 11870 Snider Road in Symmes Township. With heated concrete floors, a pool (& pool house), five bedrooms, and a total of 6200 square feet, this house is being listed for $2.2 million dollars. [Project Designer - Jose Garcia Design + Photographer - Ryan Kurtz]

MTV Cribs Needs To Film The Zinc House (Stat!)

In the early to mid-'90s there was a network television show called Blossom. Mayim Bialik was the star. Her TV brother was Joey Lawrence. And do you know what Joey was known for saying?

... "WHOA!"

That single word was Joey's golden catchphrase, the encapsulation of his whole shtick. That single word is also what you should have in mind when looking at this house. (Pretty sure we need to bring MTV Cribs to Symmes Township. Actually, I'm 100% sure.)THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Location: 11870 Snider Road

Year built: 2008

Architect: Jose Garcia (w/ the assistance of Matt Kuhnell of Quest Modern Homes)

Owner: Matt Kuhnell

Square footage: 6,200 sq. ft.

Lot size: 1.4 acres

Baller features:

1. Zinc panels on the home's exterior
2. Floor-to-ceiling windows that extend throughout the house
3. Concrete, heated floors
4. It's pure expansiveness
5. The pool

Nickname: The Zinc House
Bet you coulda guessed that one.

Listing price: $2.2 MM


For more information, one can visit the online listing here.