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Moonstruck Properties is a professional house flipping married couple who started renovating homes on a professional level in 2017 after spending the last 20 years learning to fix up their own home. / Image courtesy of Moonstruck Properties // Published: 1.23.18

Flipping Properties Has Turned Into A Fun, Side Hustle For This Local Couple

You know the old saying: "It's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission." About 20 years ago, Lesley Folan took those words to the next level.

A newlywed who'd just moved into her husband's bachelor pad in Newport, Lesley took it upon herself to completely gut one of the bathrooms while he was out of town. Having done a fantastic job, she teamed up with her husband to take on the rest of the house. After years of fixing up their place as a talented home renovation duo, they decided 2017 would be the year they branched out into the world of professional house flipping.


Under the Moonstruck Properties label, they purchase and flip homes for a profit. If you've watched any HGTV programming, you're already familiar with the idea. Lesley's signature is taking time to understand the "personality" of the house before updating it accordingly.

Surprisingly, Lesley and her husband have full-time jobs beyond Moonstruck and do this as a side hustle. It goes without saying, but their calendar is a wee bit busy these days.

And while it sounds like glamorous work, flipping homes is not for the faint of heart. They essentially purchase a list of problems, but that's part of the fun for the Moonstruck team. Luckily, Lesley is all about the problem-solving and finding budget-friendly ways to breath new life into each project.

Speaking of new life, have you ever watched a home renovation show and immediately felt impassioned to take on a project? Well, the photo gallery above might have the same affect. If you suddenly find yourself painting your living room at midnight, don't say I didn't warn you.

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Moonstruck Properties helps to renovate, revive, and flip homes in the greater Cincinnati area. For more information (and to see all of their awesome projects) head over to their Instagram page.