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Cincinnati native Matthew Haussler is a successful artist who creates mazes of cities around the world, including Chicago, Paris, and London. Now he's looking to create one for his hometown. / Image courtesy of Matthew's Mazes // Published: 7.27.17

This Cincinnati Native Has Made A Career Out Of Drawing Intricate & Incredible Mazes

In 2012, while working at a bank in Portland, Cincinnati-native Matthew Haussler began doodling mazes in his spare time. Years later, and somewhat improbably, he’s made a career out of it.

Though it only sounds improbable if you haven’t actually seen his work, if you’re imagining some Highlighter Magazine concoction instead. (No hating on Highlighter Magazine, but it is, you know, made for kids.)

Matthew’s mazes are not made for kids. At least, not necessarily. They’re intricate, they’re beautiful, and they’re difficult. All of which explains why he’s created them for CBS, ESPN, and YouTube. And why they’ve won him numerous awards. And why his books have sold many thousands of copies worldwide.

No, these aren’t “just passing the time in the dentist’s office” mazes. These are something more. And soon, Cincinnati could have a maze book of its own.

Haussler has created a Kickstarter for a Cincinnati book of mazes, which ends August 1, 2017. So if you like the prints in the gallery, and you could see that Cincinnati Mazes book someday gracing your coffee table, head on over to the Kickstarter and help get Haussler’s project over the finish line.

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For more information about Matthew’s Mazes, check out his website.