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At The Marsh Building Products Loveland Showroom, you can entirely change the look of your home with just the click of a mouse. / ADDRESS: 715 East Kemper Avenue, Loveland / Image: Daniel Smyth

Marsh's Loveland Showroom Lets You Fully Customize Your Home

You love your house, yes? But you’ve always wondered how it would look were the gables decorated or were the siding vinyl or were the trim and soffit colors, well, attractive.

But change, man, it’s tough. Alas, inertia is the rule of life—and of home improvement projects—because after you buy the paint and use the paint, you can’t just snap your fingers and do it over again if you step back to discover you hate the paint.

Except now you can. Not with a snap of your fingers, mind you, but with a click of the mouse, at Marsh Building Products.


Step one: Call Marsh’s Loveland showroom to schedule an appointment. Before the appointment, email an exterior photo or new home rendering to the Marsh team.

Step two: The Marsh team “masks” the image. In other words, they separate the image by sections so the computer can tell the difference between your windows, siding doors, soffit, trim, foundation, chimney, gables, columns, roof, and shutters.

Step three: Now you get to do pretty much whatever you want. You can change a section’s colors and even add a new material. Paint your brown front door red, for example, or put stone on your plinths and columns. Add shutters to your windows, or do something, anything with your trim and soffit.

Step four: Every product and color you use during this creative bonanza is saved. So after you’ve found a design you love, the material list can be printed for your use or forwarded to your contractor or builder.

Step five: Relax, I suppose, as your design is implemented and, to absolutely no one’s surprise, it looks every bit as good as it did on the visualization display.


Marsh is a distributor of select, high-quality building materials. That’s about as far as I go before I’m out of my depth. Suffice it to say they’re a big name in the Cincinnati building industry, and they should be your first choice for anything and everything building-related.

We’ve got a stellar gallery of their Loveland showroom above, and you can check out their impressive project gallery here. (Hint: Do both, please and thank you.)

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Marsh Building Products’s Loveland Showroom is located at 715 East Kemper Avenue. Give them a call at 513.697.7600, or visit their website.

Marsh Building Products also has locations in Montgomery, Columbus, Dayton, Ft. Thomas, and Lexington. Find out more about those locations here.