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<p>Swing House is a three-story building in Camp Washington that artist Mark de Jong transformed into a wall-less, floor-less art installation featuring a single swing on two 30-foot ropes. During the renovation of the building, pieces from the structure were repurposed as new art pieces designed to tell the history of the building. Swing House is currently featured as a Contemporary Arts Center exhibition. To experience the swing in person, one can visit one of three upcoming open houses from 12-4pm on August 18, 25, or September 1. The CAC exhibit runs through September 2, 2018. / Image: Amy Elisabeth Spasoff // Published: 6.29.18</p>

An Artist Transformed This Three-Story Camp Washington Home Into An Awesome Swing Set

As a kid, the house of my dreams would have included a slide from the second floor to my self-determined assigned seat at the kitchen table. I also hoped for a bouldering wall. That was my house, my dreams. The house of local artist Mark de Jong’s dreams would feature one giant swing. And the marvelous thing about being an adult (and an innovative artist) is that it’s much easier to make one’s dreams come true.

6 Things You Need To Know About “Swing House”

1. Located in Camp Washington, the 1880s era building features a 30-foot swing.

2. All floors and interior walls were removed to make room for the swing and to give the house a sense of openness and freedom for those who visit.

3. This (i.e. creating ‘art houses’) thing is kinda de Jong’s niche “In concert with previous projects such as Circle House in Camp Washington and Square House in Northside, de Jong turns renovation, restoration, and residential revitalization into a transformative art,” per the CAC website.

4. Along with the actual house in Camp Washington, the Contemporary Art Center has an exhibit which features art made with materials from Swing House alongside ideas that are either from or related to Swing House. The exhibit runs through September 2, 2018.

5. The best way to experience Swing House is to stay for a night or two, so de Jong is considering an AirBnB model after the exhibit ends.

6. There will be three more open house dates to see the actual swing: August 18, 25, and September 1 from 12-4pm.

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For more information about the CAC Swing House exhibit, click here.