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Mallory Muddiman, owner / Image: Katie Robinson, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 11.27.18

A Trendy Clothier Works out of Her Colorful Bellevue Home

Have you ever thought about getting into sewing? Mallory Muddiman did when she was just 5-years-old, and she hasn’t looked back since. The local fashion mogul is now the owner of her own clothing line, Mallory, which she runs out of her home in Bellevue, KY. Being a young brand-founder requires her to wear a lot of hats in the company. (Clothes pun: check!)

“As an entrepreneur, I fill every role: designer, producer, marketing, customer service, web developer, accountant, store manager... basically everything,” Mallory tells me. “I also do custom sewing and alterations.”

This designer/developer/BOSS LADY isn’t totally alone in her venture though. She’s lucky enough to have the woman who taught her everything she knows by her side: her mom, Darlene Fausz.

Mallory says she loves having her mom be a part of the team to help with design, production, and most importantly, to keep her on track with the occasional and good-hearted critique from time to time. But Mallory assures me she’s been known to hand her mom pointers, too.

The brand "Mallory" has been online since 2013, offering complete clothing lines that change each season. Stepping into her in-home sewing studio, I expected to find a workshop of scattered fabric, garments, and loose needles sprinkled over the room. Instead, I was greeted by pops of lively color around seven sewing machines, and organized cubbies lined with mason jars of colored buttons in ombré-order, of course. Mallory says she tries to keep it tidy, but sometimes finds threads in her hair after a hard day’s stitch.

And as for Mallory herself, picture a bubbly Rachel McAdams with a high heel driving the sewing machine foot pedal. When I asked her how she got started in sewing, she explained how it’s always been an outlet for her creativity.

“As I got older I started stealing my older sisters' (Delia's) catalogs and re-designing the items in there. As my sewing skills grew, I started making Barbie clothes and eventually clothes for myself.”

Mallory’s clothing line always expresses color, fun, and charm. If I had to sum it up with another clothing pun, I’d say it’s as cute as a button. So it’s only fitting that some of her favorite fashion inspirations come from Kate Spade and Zooey Deschanel. Mallory’s love of color can also be seen throughout her home office.

What sets this brand apart from your typical department store isn’t just the unique style of the clothing pieces, but the fact that it is, as Mallory describes, “highly personal.” When you order an item from her site, you’re investing in something that is specially designed and made locally by hand.

“Our main company values are supporting women and creating cute, high-quality items,” Mallory tells me. “I love that social media gives me the ability to connect with our customers. This allows them to get involved by sharing feedback, answering polls, and seeing the entire design process. It’s special to know who made your clothing and to know you had a say in its creation.”

Mallory has been able to turn a hobby into a growing business. But you don’t have to be a successful, business-savvy stylist to look and be your best.

Mallory’s advice is to, “Choose what feels like you and be confident in it! It's scary to put your true self out there, but personality is what makes people stylish. If you aren't confident, work at it. Go for the outfit then fake it till you make it!”

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Take a peek inside Mallory’s studio with some of her clothing pieces in the gallery above. You can check out her site and her Instagram.