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<p>David Baillie is the graphic artist behind Loveland Creative, a design firm that specializes in logo creation, branding, and other media-based services. T-shirts with new designs are a sizable portion of his portfolio. He prides himself on understanding clients' desired aesthetics in order to create an original piece of art for them. / Image: Brianna Long // Published: 8.3.18</p>

A Retired Vet Designs T-Shirts For Braxton Brewing (And Many Others)

When David Baillie retired from the service, he struggled with what to do next. After focusing in on his artistic interests, David honed his skills over time and eventually started his own graphic design company, which later evolved into Loveland Creative. Now the owner of a prosperous business, his success Cincy-rooted success reaches as far as the west coast.

We asked David a few questions about what he does over at Loveland Creative.

Cincinnati Refined: How did you get started with graphic design?

David Baillie: When I got out of the Navy, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I started into sales and realized I hated it, so I quit and started driving for Uber and Lyft while I was teaching myself graphic design.

CR: Was Loveland Creative always Loveland Creative?

DB: It started out as Baillie Design Co. I started working with friends and family as well as reaching out to small companies. I got a job at Cincy Shirts and was later let go because my side business grew. It gave me the motivation to make my personal business as large as possible–which is when I changed the name to Loveland Creative.

CR: Do you work alone or do you have a team with you?

DB: I typically do everything alone, though I do have two freelancers that help me out with things from time to time. Allen Meyer (Instagram: @allen_meyer) does some freelance photography for me and Mitko Karshovski (Instagram: @mitkoka) does freelance web design for me.

Do you hand-draw anything?

DB: Not at the moment. I do everything on my Surface Pro.

CR: What is your creative process like?

DB: I try to get the clients aesthetic/mood board to start. I get a vision in my head, then I get the concept. Sometimes I can design something within an hour, others longer. I think I’m really good at getting the vibe a client has and being able to mimic it without copying others work.

CR: Are most of your clients based in Cincinnati?

DB: Actually, no! Most of my clients are West Coast-based!

CR: Who’s your biggest inspiration in the design world?

DB: Durham Brand & Co. (Instagram: @durhambrandco). Everything about his company is amazing. The aesthetic, the way he handles everything–such a huge inspiration.

CR: Who are your dream companies to work for?

DB: Either Rhinegiest or Provision & Co (Instagram: @pandco). Doughnuts and Deadlifts was also a huge dream company!

CR: What is some of your favorite work to date?

DB: Donuts & Deadlifts for sure, especially the t-shirt design. I also really like the Grayscale Barbershop logo.

CR: What’s next?

DB: I’m starting the graphic design program at Cincinnati State in the fall and am working on a temporary shop here in Loveland. I hope to eventually have an actual storefront in Loveland. Sort of a graphic design shop + t-shirt shop where you can come in and work one-on-one with me.

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We have a whole gallery of examples of David's work above, or follow him on Instagram @lovelandcreative.