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Today, designers at Reusch Interior Designs have offices in Hyde Park. Their impressive portfolio can be found in homes throughout Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and even homes all the way up in Michigan. Reusch's sister company, Piper Studio, is another option for clients, which offers consultations with designers who can give input and advice when it comes to design ideas for your home. / Image courtesy of Reusch Interior Design // Published: 12.10.18<br>

Architectural Digest Cover? Nope, That's a Laney Reusch Home

From a complete home interior design, to a single-room refresh, Reusch Interior Design has the vision needed to take a house into a new era. They're not new to it, either. They’ve been designing gorgeous, functional, comfortable interiors since 2010.

Laney Reusch started the business after graduating from UC’s DAAP. Reusch’s firm grew out of her own home into its current Hyde Park office. The firm's impressive portfolio of interiors spans Cincinnati’s east side to Michigan and back.

Reusch and her team create spaces that are elegant, gracious, and with a sense of style that is as unique as their clients. They dabble in the traditional, quirky, serious, whimsical, and everything in between. Every personalized detail desired is included in their final designs. Reusch also sources the best materials and works with top-notch vendors and contractors in the region to ensure each space is flawless. Which is evident in how flawlessly they handle a breadth of work including (but not limited to):

  • Furniture and d├ęcor
  • Custom furniture design
  • Window treatments and wallpaper
  • Built-ins and millwork design
  • Kitchen and bath remodels

What sets Reusch Interior Design apart are the firm's finely honed sense for the clients’ personal style, and keen eye for the details that will make a room stand out. You could find a bright red accent piece in a room of more muted tones, a dynamic wallpaper pattern that enhances a laundry room from blah to wow, or the perfect piece of modern art that no one else will have. Reusch’s spaces consistently dazzle with their looks, yet are designed to be highly functional and provide comfort to their users day after day.

After all, what good is a beautiful room if you feel like you can’t live in it?

If your budget is lower and you want a designer to help you on a smaller job, like what color to paint your dining room, what pieces to order from your favorite online retailer, or fresh eyes on that tricky little powder room that you just have no idea what to do with, Reusch Design’s sister company, Studio Piper, can help with that, too. Laney Reusch and her designers offer consultations.

Check out the photo gallery above for a tour of some of the inspired interiors Reusch has designed.

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For more information on Reusch Interior Design, visit their website.