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Coming to Walnut Hills this spring, Klinge Flats will be a co-living apartment complex, featuring six bedrooms and multiple shared bathrooms. ADDRESS: 2411 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45206 / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 3.24.17

Klinge Flats Is An Exciting Co-Living Space Coming To Walnut Hills

Most of Cincinnati Refined's home-centric stories and galleries revolve around move-in-ready houses, condos, and apartments. But every so often, we get to see a space in the midst of its makeover.

Klinge Flats in Walnut Hills is currently undergoing one such transformation. And we were able to peek inside this historic 1910 building to see what's being done. Below are the details about the place (and be sure to hit up the photo gallery above).

Kunsthous, Brush Factory, William Thomas, and William Thomas II

A historic property in Walnut Hills that’s being converted into a six-bedroom, co-living house with shared kitchens, bathrooms, and communal spaces. Apartments run $650/month, with all utilities included.

Renovations are still ongoing, but Klinge Flats will be completed by Spring 2017.

2411 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45206
(Bonus: it’s only 20 feet from the new Gomez Salsa Walnut Hills location)

Kunsthous creates co-living apartments to promote unity in the neighborhood. Their goal is to eliminate the uncertainty of who lives next door by encouraging occupants to interact with one another in these spaces and by hosting regular events at each Kunsthous location to build the community.


There's a lot of history to Klinge Flats, and you can read all about it here. For more information about Kunsthous, check out their website.