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Jose Garcia Design's minimalistic, modern, nature-driven work is adding a new dimension to the world of Queen City architecture. / Image courtesy of Jose Garcia Design

This Architecture Firm Is Bringing The Modern Flavor To Cincy

Have you ever driven through Cincinnati and nearly caused a mid-intersection collision as you gawk at one of the beautiful homes or buildings that fill our city? Happens to the best of us.

And while the Queen City boasts many historical neighborhoods with stately 19th-century architecture and quintessential German charm, there is a new surge of modern design that's starting to appear around town. One of the forces behind some of these modern marvels? Jose Garcia Design.

The company's founder and namesake, Jose Garcia, was born in Argentina and first ventured to the Midwest to attend the University of Cincinnati. He went on to attend Princeton University as well, but eventually returned to Cincy to teach (at both UC and Miami University).

In 2006, he finally started his own architectural practice, which has since grown to include a construction venture, interior services, and even landscape design.

Speaking to the perspective that unites all of these activities and ventures, Jose says he "found a profound interest in the emotional reaction that a building generates through the way its materials are expressed"

He also believes that living in the Midwest has had a large influence on his work. "It may come from the fact that we live a different life here than that of the big cities," he says. "The sky seems bigger, and the sunsets more spectacular at least I think so." (We couldn't agree more.)

This mentality, he explains, changes the way he designs his buildings -- exposing their materials and focusing on capturing natural light in each space. Next time you're cruising through Hyde Park, check out Jose's modern apartment building on Erie Avenue or check out "The Zinc House," a unique suburban oasis in Symmes Township.

But if you want to truly appreciate Garcia's minimalist, nature-driven, modern style, hop into the photo gallery above and scroll away.

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