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460 Eight Mile Road is a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home located on 6.7 acres of land in Anderson Township. And it’s currently on the market for $575,000. / Image: Massey Green AVP, courtesy of the Oyler Group at Coldwell Banker West Shell // Published: 6.26.17

This Anderson Home Sits On 6.7 Acres Of Pure Wooded Bliss

Question: What does your dream home look like?

Are you a house or condo person? Do you want a big yard or no yard? Can you see yourself walking places or always taking the car?

We all have different preferences, which are based on any number of factors. That’s life. But if you happen to fit into a category where a house surrounded by woods, walking paths, and a 7-foot waterfall visible from the master bedroom speak to your soul, then we think you might wanna keep reading.

‘Cause as it turns out, there’s a house that perfectly fits that description currently on the market in Anderson. Say hello to 460 Eight Mile Road.

The property borders Woodland Mound Park. Oh, and the home was designed by architect Mike Finn. Here’s something of note on Finn’s resume He redesigned the entrance to the Cincinnati Museum Center. (Not bad, eh?)

We know tree houses are really popular right now. But honestly, not too many of us could really “live” in a tree house. Perhaps you’d take “tree-house feel” instead. Yeah, that sounds pretty nice.

To get a sense of what "tree-house feel" even means, don’t forget to scroll back to the top and view some pics.

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460 Eight Mile Road is a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom home located on 6.7 acres of property in Anderson. It’s currently listed at $575,000. For more information about the home, click here.

Note: The waterfall mentioned above is part of Eight Mile Creek, which is public space.