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Honey Designs is a custom bridal jewelry designer & proposal connoisseur in Cincinnati. / Image courtesy of Photographs by Amy Oliver // Published: 3.16.17

Those Of Us Who Love A Good Engagement Story Have People Like Honey Designs To Thank

If there is one thing filling my social media feeds, it's proposals. ... And politics, but that’s another story.

Whenever I’m browsing, I find photo after photo of someone else’s love story brought to life. And thankfully, we have a unique crafter right here in Cincinnati who helps fuel those posts I love so dearly. Her name is Chelsea Mead, and she’s the mind behind Honey Designs.


A Cincinnati transplant, Chelsea grew up surrounded by her family’s jewelry business. After graduating from The Cleveland Institute of Art, she began focusing her efforts on bridal jewelry design.

She started with nothing but design software and the ambition to help couples take the next step in their relationship by getting engaged. From there, the business began helping individuals create their “engagement experience,” with a personalized design process.

Proposal photography, ring insurance for the first year, proposal coaching, a custom ring box, an engagement ring reveal party, and a certified appraisal are just a few of the bells and whistles she offers.

Basically, Chelsea custom designs newly-engaged couples' jewelry and helps write their engagement story so people like me can swoon over it on social media.


Chelsea was newly married herself when her business took off, and she embraced her new last name, Mead, which is also known as honey-wine.

Apparently, "mead" was traditionally given to married couples for "many moons," which is where the term "honeymoon" is derived. Inspired by the history of mead and its connection to the wedding world, Chelsea named her business accordingly.

All too perfect if you ask me.

So thanks to people like Chelsea, I have an endless supply of adorable posts across every platform I use to keep up with friends.

Familiarize yourself with the rings & things Chelsea’s made for new lovers in the gallery above.


For more information about Honey Designs, check out Chelsea’s website.