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Cindy's shop is actually two stores: Hilltop Glass & Mirror, offering replacements and restorations; and Hilltop Glass Creations, providing glass goods for sale, creative classes, and artist studio space. / Image: Jennifer Merritt // Published: 6.20.18

Hilltop Glass Creations Is Almost As Charming As Its Owner

Generally speaking, glass is something you look through, not at. What’s on display at Hilltop Glass Creations changes that perception.

Inside an unassuming storefront on Compton Road in Mt. Healthy, you’ll find glass jewelry, figurines, bevels, glass lamps, stained-glass windows, and more. It’s all incredibly charming, but perhaps more so is owner Cindy Jurcenko. She's owned the shop since 2011, buying it not long after she first walked into the store looking for a window for a craft project.

“If I could write a book, I don’t know that I could write it as good as it turned out,” she says.

Cindy grew up in northeast Ohio, and when she went to her 20-year high school reunion, “I met a fella,” she says with a smile. “That was in ’99 and that same year we got married.”

That marriage brought her to Cincinnati. She worked for Cincinnati Bell until she was laid off. When she walked into Hilltop Glass & Mirror looking to complete her craft project, “it was just a fluke,” she says. “I just came in to buy a casement.” Mere months later, Cindy turned a one-time hobby into a career.

While Cindy admits sister store Hilltop Glass & Mirror, which handles replacements and restorations, is her bread and butter, Hilltop Glass Creations, located next door, is her sanctuary. She started working with glass in the ‘80s and never dreamed she’d one day become a glass artist.

“I’m an artist, but I’m still learning,” she says.

Cindy enjoys having people come into the shop, so much so that Hilltop also doubles as a studio for artists, both established and new to working with glass. For $20 a day, you can come use Cindy’s tools, kiln, and purchase materials (should you need them). “I had to buy all my tools and then I rarely used them,” she says of her early days working in the medium. “Why should people have to go and buy it when they can just use mine?”

Cindy also recently started offering a variety of classes (many with supplies included in the cost) like build a bracelet, painting on glass, and even a create your own nightlight class for kids.

“This wasn’t anything I ever dreamed of doing,” says the breast cancer survivor. “I have a new life, a new art – it was just meant to be.”

Get charmed by Cindy and her shop by visiting her at 1592 Compton Road (45231), or attending one of Hilltop Glass Creations' many classes.