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Lounge Rental: Queen City Vignette / Image: Kathryn Fruge Photography // Published: 11.27.19

You Can Get Married Under the Roebling Bridge

Weddings around Cincinnati often follow a program you've seen a thousand times in familiar-yet-slightly-different locations. And for many, that's by design. People like what they like, and what they like often overlaps with established tradition. That's totally fine. So long as you're not hurting anyone else, your wedding should be what you want to make it.

But for some, a non-traditional wedding venue is key to curating an experience everyone will remember forever. For them, the uniquely beautiful wedding they envision for themselves should be held in an equally unique and beautiful setting. And what if that special setting was something everyone in and around Cincinnati would instantly recognize and say, "Holy cow, why have I never thought about having a wedding there!?"

Imagine if you got married under the Roebling Bridge.

Anderson Pavilion, located just steps away from the bridge, is a premier wedding destination due to its central, scenic location. In addition to the pavilion, it offers venues in Smale Park. During one such wedding, the weather was deemed too hot to have outside in the Smale Park garden venue. Anderson Pavilion staff asked if the couple would prefer to marry beneath the bridge to be out of the direct sun. They agreed, and the result was a much more comfortable ceremony with a unique backdrop everyone could enjoy.

Not many know the bridge is an actual option, though. To raise awareness of its availability, a group of women-owned businesses banded together to do a photoshoot to promote the Roebling Bridge as a wedding destination through Anderson Pavilion. Together, they captured how elegant a modern bride might look in an iconic 150-year-old space. If you scroll to the photo gallery above, you'll see what I mean.

Credit where credit's due, though. Below is a list of everyone who made magic happen under the bridge that day. Consider looking into any of these excellent local businesses if you're planning something (or know someone who is):

Of course, it's not reserved only for weddings. Anderson Pavilion hosts corporate and social events, too. The Roebling Bridge is also available as a backdrop for those gatherings.

Inquire about availability, rates, and more by reaching out to Christina Jarvis at Anderson Pavilion.