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Frames with more unusual shapes, like this scalloped-edged frame, are becoming more common at the shop. / Image: Maggie Heath-Bourne // Published: 1.8.18<p></p>

Your Beautiful Wall Print Is Not Complete Without The Right, Custom Frame

It’s the biggest dilemma in art-buying history: I’ve bought some killer wall décornow what? Frameshop USA has a chic answer.

Located on Main Street along one of Over-the-Rhine’s most charming stretches of boutiques is the equally charming Frameshop. Old wood floors and all-original tiled ceilings reflect the unique frames sold within.

The store is competing in a pretty saturated market, but it’s managed to set itself apart in a major way. Owner Jake Gerth says it’s all in the details. “We’re known for making our own wood profiles,” he says. “Most picture framers just buy molds and make cuts. We wanted to differentiate ourselves.”

Gerth got into the business in 2013 and has been the sole owner for a couple of years now. He says the idea of a frame store spoke to his graphic designer’s heart. “I love that it supports the arts,” he says. “You can’t be a picture framer and not be a part of the community. It connected a lot of the dots for me.”

And connected it is. Every First Friday held in OTR sees a new gallery showing at Frameshop. Currently, it’s decked out in works by Frank Melendez, Art Director at VML. Gerth says they frame the artists’ work for free and take back the cost of framing from every piece sold. After it’s all said and done, he says the shop ends up with some art and the artist ends up with some frames — the perfect artists’ swap.

Frames displayed at the shop range from simple black wood frames to rustic steel mammoths, but Gerth says often customers have an inkling of what they want and leave the creative control up to the shop. In fact, during our interview, a customer comes in to pick up his order, a photo framed in distressed, electric blue-painted wood, set to perfectly match a tiny blue house in the photo. “Perfect, dude!” he exclaims when Gerth pulls the cover back. “Yes!”

The timing of this meeting is actually very lucky because Frameshop is only open on Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the week, Gerth and his team are in their production space in Queensgate. A location in Hyde Park, also open on Fridays and Saturdays, rounds out the brand's storefronts.

Anyone looking to spice up their walls or looking to do some weekend browsing need look no further than Frameshop.

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Frameshop USA is located at 1317 Main St. (45202) and 2707 Observatory Rd. (45208).