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Fleurish Home carries a collection of repurposed furniture and decor items. They also carry everything you need to create your own rustic masterworks, including some versatile and easy-to-use paint. Fleurish Home has four locations: Indian Hill, Springboro, Columbus, and Hamilton. We photographed the Indian Hill location (9471 Loveland Madeira Road, 45242). / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 5.19.18

Fleurish Home Is The Decor Store That'll Inspire You To Develop Your Own Style

The front of Fleurish Home presents a flurry of furniture and decor—refinished tables; barrel-stave kitchen islands; Ohio-themed tea towels; clocks, lanterns, and candle holders; candles, mugs, and dishes; all manner of wine-related (and exhortative) wall art; and the like.

It all, more or less, falls into the category of adaptive reuse, with the results being modern, textured, and rustic. No doubt you’ve seen this sort of stuff before—it is, after all, extremely popular. But what sets Fleurish Home apart is this: they find and beautify much of their products themselves. As for the rest, their inventory is sourced from local artisans or hand-selected from creatives around the country. So everything feels unique and different, because it is unique and different.

The other thing that sets it apart is what you’ll find in the back of the store—and, to be honest, throughout. I’m referring to the chalk paints, waxes, topcoats, stencils, gilding, knobs, fabrics, and DIY books in stock. Because Fleurish Home isn’t just a place for you to buy repurposed stuff, it’s a place that can help you repurpose stuff on your own.

Thus the name, Fleurish, whose homonym is exactly what they want you to do in your own life. They’re just trying to help get you there.

In this case, "they" refers to Debra and Doug Campbell, the couple who opened Fleurish Home. Debra has a background in decor; she has a degree in fashion merchandising and 15 years of experience at her own decorative finishing company. Eventually she opened a studio to teach others the subtleties of decorative finishes.

Then came Chalk Paint, which Debra began using in 2008. It’s fast, can go on anything, and requires no priming or sanding. That is to say, it took the subtlety right out of decorative finishing, so that now anyone can do it.

You might have thought that would be a downer for Debra, what with the whole democratizing the means of production and all. But it wasn’t. Because in addition to being a very creative person, Debra has savvy business sense. The result was Fleurish Home’s first storefront in 2013; it's located in Springboro. In the effort, she enlisted her husband, an electrician, woodworker, and producer of some damn fine furniture.

Fleurish Home’s other three followed soon thereafter—Columbus in 2014, Indian Hill in 2015, and Hamilton just last year. They all carry Chalk Paint, as well as everything you’ll need to create your own masterworks.

And if you should just need an “If you pour it they will come” sign, well, they have stuff like that too.

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Fleurish Home has four locations: Indian Hill, Springboro, Columbus, and Hamilton. We photographed the Indian Hill location (9471 Loveland Madeira Road, 45242) in the photo gallery above.