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Finding Neverland comes to the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati November 7-19. / Image: Jeremy Daniel<p></p>

Audiences Of Every Age Group Will Find Something To Love In Finding Neverland

Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center will soon host one of the most beautiful broadway musicals you’ve ever seen, Finding Neverland.

The story follows writer J. M. Barrie as he befriends Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and her four young boys, with whom he plays make-believe in Kensington Park. Those whimsical moments, together with Barrie’s own life experiences, inspire him to write his masterful 1904 play, Peter Pan.

It was not without risk. The play was highly unusual for late-Victorian England. There was no guarantee high-society adults with their top hats and pince-nez would approve. Still, Finding Neverland’s emotional core resides with Barrie, Sylvia, and her children, and its central conflict arises as those relationships are tested by grief.

The musical portrays it expertly. That’s thanks to its superb cast, of whom three hail from UC’s own College Conservatory of Music. But the sets are gorgeous too, and the costumes are wonderful. All of which comes together in a production that’s both a visual and an emotional feast.

  • What: Finding Neverland, presented by Broadway in Cincinnati
  • When: November 7-19, 2017
  • Where: The Aronoff Center in Downtown Cincinnati
  • Tickets: Link

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The musical is probably best for children ages eight and up. But if they’re at least that old, they should have a great time thanks to acclaimed director Diane Paulus. She’s created a dynamic and colorful production that’s packed with entertaining musical numbers.

Your kids won’t have trouble connecting with the storyline either. Concocting elaborate fantasies of adventure and triumph is the lifeblood of childhood, and in Finding Neverland, it provides some of the most mesmerizing moments.

But they won’t get everything. Because Peter Pan is fundamentally escapist fantasy, and Finding Neverland delves into exactly what that means. In other words, things get a little deep — and a little sad. So bring some tissues for yourself, don’t overdo it on the mascara, and get ready to clap like a lunatic at the end.

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Finding Neverland will be at the Aronoff Center November 7-19, 2017. For information and tickets, visit their website.