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Lindsay Ensor credits the Lindner Center of HOPE with helping her get back on her feet. (Image: Courtesy of Lindner Center of HOPE)

Finding Hope at Lindner Center of HOPE

When Lindsay Ensor first came to the Lindner Center of HOPE, she had been quietly battling depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder for years -- masking her struggle was something she just couldn't do anymore. Today, she says she wouldn't be here without the Lindner Center of HOPE. Walking through the doors of the Center, she immediately found the hope she had lost sight of so long ago.

Lindner Center of HOPE is a comprehensive patient-centered treatment facility for individuals suffering with mental illness. The care here is scientifically advanced and there is a real commitment to a collaboration between family, clinicians, and other care-givers to improve diagnostic accuracy, maximize treatment planning, enhance the continuity of care, ease transitions and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes. With a variety of levels of care for all ages, under one roof, they are able to cover a real spectrum of issues and bring value to the community.

"Having all the care under one roof is huge," says Lindsay. She had dealt with a primary care provider who had no real experience with mental health, and a therapist in another place and there was no communication between the two. With her whole team in one place at LCOH, treating all the different pieces separately but together, talking and working as a unit, Lindsay says was crucial in getting her back on her feet and headed in the right direction.

Patients and their families are at the center of the treatment, education and research at Lindner. As Lindsay says, "they care about the person as a whole and you don't feel like just another patient shooed in and out the door." After going through five therapists without finding someone that was a fit for her needs, Lindsay found that things "just kind of fell into place" once she came to the Lindner Center.

The diverse team at Lindner Center of HOPE is united in the philosophy that by working together, they can best offer hope for people living with mental illness. They do what they can to make the process smooth and work with patients to help them find options for care that best fit their situations. Their approach addresses the individual spectrum of needs that each patient presents -- whether it be acute patient care, residential services, office-based outpatient appointments or other programs, it is a unique and effective treatment experience. Each patient's journey and situation is unique, so treatment is tailored to address those specific symptoms and underlying causes.

If you need a more intensive diagnostic integrated with a residential stay, they have it here. Looking for partial hospitalization? That is an option as well.

There is no stigma at Lindner Center and there is no judging. But there is hope.

For more information call 513.536.HOPE (4673) or visit