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These 17 Match Posters were designed by highly creative members of the Cincinnati community, one for each of the home matches FCC played at Nippert Stadium this year. / Artist: Jose Edwards // Image courtesy of FC Cincinnati

17 Ingenious Images That Capture The Spirit Of FC Cincinnati’s Historic First Year

FC Cincinnati played its first game at Nippert Stadium just six months ago.

Think about that for a second. Before April, virtually nobody, certainly not I, knew anything about the club.

Fast forward to today, and FCC has become almost ubiquitous around the Queen City. Perhaps you’ve heard this little ditty being shouted through Clifton on match days: “Olé Olé, Olé Olé; No one likes us, but that’s ok; Score a goal, or score a few; Cincinnati, we’re here for you!”

Indeed, Cincinnati has poured support on the club and hoped -- yes, hoped -- its atmosphere to levels not seen in the city since Bruce’s 2011 bomb that sealed the division. (Sorry Mets fans. He’ll come around. ... Probably.)

So to commemorate FCC's first year, we've compiled the 17 "Match Posters" which represent the 17 matches FCC played at Nippert Stadium. Each one was designed by a highly creative member of the local community. If you haven’t yet been to a match or cheered the boys on from a packed Rhinehaus (an experience worth having in its own right), you’ll want to take a gander at them. Because these posters are creative af.


FC Cincinnati’s next game is their playoff match set for Sunday, October 2.

If you aren’t already going, get your tickets.