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NAME: Pass at Leny / ARTIST: Robert S. Duncanson / YEAR: 1867 / MEDIUM: oil on canvas / CREDIT: Gift of The Procter & Gamble Company / REF: 2003.60 / Image courtesy of the Cincinnati Art Museum

4 Historic Cincinnati Artists You Should Get To Know

It should come as a surprise to no one that Cincinnati is home to thousands of great visual artists. Sculptures on sidewalks, murals on buildings, paintings in windows, hanging photography, and myriad eclectic works are strewn throughout downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Going further away from the core, art galleries and personal studios sprinkle the hills and valleys amidst beautifully crafted memorials and public works.

Walking through the Pendleton Art Center on a Final Friday, you’ll witness eight floors of studios chock full of original art by hometown residents with an enormous amount of talent in a variety of different mediums and styles. Stroll through Over-the-Rhine that same night and you’ll find storefronts inviting passersby to take a gander at the collection they’ve hung for the occasion.

Ledge Gallery, Red Door Project, Art After Dark…the list is endless. And I haven’t even talked about the Cincinnati Art Museum and the other wonderful year-round fixtures that host art for our viewing pleasure.

We are a city of abundant artistic expression. And we always have been.

Long before today’s modern age, Cincinnati artists were making a name for themselves and supplying the city’s reputation with tons of artistic cred. While enthusiasts know many of them already, there are still scores of people who aren’t familiar with the Queen City’s repertoire of talented painters, illustrators, and sculptors.

Let’s take a moment and look back on four historic Cincinnati artists who helped the city grow as an authority in the art world. All of these artists’ works are both archived and displayed at the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Taft Museum of Art.

Hit up the gallery for selected works from those artists.


Want more? Peruse the Cincinnati Art Museum's collection online, and visit their digital collected works.