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Talbot Skirt: $10 / Abercrombie Sweater Dress: $15 / Coach Purse: $60 / Image: Daniel Smyth

You Can Get Designer Clothes & Accessories At Bargain Prices This Weekend

See that Coach purse? It’s a purse that ordinarily retails for around $600. But at the RetroFittings fashion show on October 14, it’ll go for $60.

Just a few weeks ago, that same purse sat like buried treasure on the rack of a Cincinnati thrift store. Then it caught the eye of a treasure hunter—a savvy thrifter, a RetroFittings fashion expert. Soon it was plucked away. Now it’s on its way to the Duke Energy Convention Center, where someone's going to give it a second life.

That's upcycling, and it's what the RetroFitting fashion show is all about. The result of a partnership between DAAP and St. Vincent de Paul - Cincinnati, RetroFittings enlists DAAP students to select items from local thrift stores and turn them into avant-garde, runway-quality apparel. All proceeds from the event will go to St. Vincent de Paul - Cincinnati.

As for our Coach purse — perhaps soon your Coach purse — it'll be one of the many featured items at RetroFitting's curated boutique. Items like the purse were hand-selected by the RetroFittings committee, comprising the treasure hunters of our little parable above. And if you attend the fashion show, you'll have every opportunity to peruse what they turned up.

There are better deals to be found than that purse. You can check out a few noteworthy ones in the gallery. But you'll have to buy your ticket to discover the rest.


  • The event will take place Saturday, October 14, 2017 at the Duke Energy Convention Center.
  • Doors will open at 6:30 for a cocktail hour.
  • The event will feature a live auction with both items and travel experiences, as well as the curated boutique.
  • The fashion show will feature avant-garde outfits created by University of Cincinnati DAAP students.
  • Tickets are available here.

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For more information about RetroFittings, visit their website.