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The Highway to Home collection is a compelling and eclectic line of furniture. You can pick it up at Furniture Fair. / Image courtesy of Furnuture Fair

This Eclectic Furniture Collection Was Designed By A Famous Singer

Country rock star Eric Church is a man of demonstrable talent. He is also apparently very into furniture. As a result of that interest, he produced the Eric Church Highway to Home furniture collection, currently available at Furniture Fair stores around Cincinnati.

So, what exactly makes this stuff special? Is it the worn edges and custom-designed metal strappings? Is it the glamorous upholstery and elegantly tapered wing designs? I ask you, is it perchance the collection’s eclecticism, offering a piece for every setting and taste??

No, actually. What makes the Eric Church Highway to Home collection special is Eric Church -- not the country rocker, but the guy who grew up in the furniture industry in North Carolina.

“It’s what we all did. It’s who we were,” says Church, perhaps staring wistfully into a campfire on a chilly autumn evening. ... Perhaps not.

So, Church knows the furniture industry well enough to create high-quality furniture. He also happens to be motivated to create eclectic pieces inspired by his music and lifestyle.

This stuff sounds legit, am I right? And indeed, it is legit. Not because it’s made by a famous person, not because it’s sold by our trusted partners at Furniture Fair, but because it comes from the mind of someone who knows furniture.

And that, reader, is all you can ask for.

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Want to find out more about the Eric Church Highway to Home collection at Furniture Fair? Check it out.

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