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PARKLET: The Boxing Ring / LOCATION: in front of Cutman Barbershop / ACTIVITY: speed bag punchin’ / IMAGE: Brian Planalp

From Parking Spaces To People Places, Curb’d Is Doing Something Wild In Covington

In Covington, you can sip a coffee, play hopscotch, climb an enormous xylophone, or watch a movie powered by the bike you’re pedaling...

"Where?" you might ask. Answer: Parklets.

Parklets are highly adorable interactive installations built on parking spaces. They might offer you a seat to finish your beer on a nice day, a place to express your aspirations, or an activity to occupy your kids.

The parklets are brought to us by Covington-based (and awesomely named) Curb’d, which received a 2015 grant from the Haile Foundation for the project.

Five charming and inviting parklets now occupy parking spaces around Covington, and can be enjoyed by everyone – whether you’re an adamant urban explorer or just someone looking for a new experience.

Our favorite? I mean, you’ve gotta go for the scalable xylophone (pun very much intended).


PARKLET: Hopscotch Gardens
LOCATION: In front of Braxton Brewing Company
ACTIVITY: Good old fashioned hopscotch

PAKLET: The Boxing Ring
LOCATION: In front of Cutman Barbershop
ACTIVITY: Speed bag punching

LOCATION: In front of Inspirado
ACTIVITY: Pedal stationary bikes to power an outdoor movie theater

PARKLET: Wish-Igloo
LOCATION: In front of Left Bank Coffeehouse
ACTIVITY: Write down a personal wish and hang it up

PARKLET: Mountain/Tunnel/Xylophone
LOCATION: In front of Stoney’s Village Toy Shop
ACTIVITY: Play an enormous xylophone inside an interactive area

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Want to know more about Curb’d? Check out the website.