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Zane and Ed Ruben / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined / Published: 10.20.16

This Local Company Is Here To Turn Your Closet From A Mess To A Success

See that Tweet below?

Well, I am firmly in Camp A. As soon as an email hits my inbox, I swiftly determine if it requires further attention or a quick tap of the delete button. I don’t know any other way. My brain is hardwired to clear out the clutter. For those of you in the latter camp, God bless. I don’t know how you do it.

If you’re looking to join the we'll-never-leave-a-dirty-dish-in-the-sink side of life, I have the solution. Because organization starts as soon as you wake up. It starts as soon as you assess what you’re going to wear for the day, what’s on the menu for breakfast, and what you need to take with you before heading out the door. And you know the best way to stay organized? Have a place for your crap.

For some, that’s not so easy. If that's you, here's a pro tip: Hire these guys.

“Huh, what guys?” you ask.

You should hire the Rubens of Closets & More. The locally-owned, family-operated company started in 1985 in Ed Ruben’s garage. Long-story short, he’d lost his job and a friend called him up saying she knew what he was meant to do (i.e. go into the closet business). Yeah, that’s usually how happily-ever-after stories begin... But seriously, that IS exactly what happened.

Now Ed designs, builds, and manufactures products out of his 30,000-square-foot factory in Reading. And he does it with his son, Zane, and the rest of their team.

6 Things To Know About Closets & More

1. Their motto is “Creating order, function, and beauty,” which means they can optimize and maximize that single rod and shelf in your closet into something that’s actually useful.

2. The entire process — measurements to production to installation — takes approximately 30 days.

3. It’s not just about the closet. Their systems can be used to organize garages, laundry rooms, mud rooms, pantries, entertainment centers, and offices.

4. Ed is just as involved with the operation as he was when the company first started 31 years ago. In other words, you'll be in good hands.

5. After your closets are installed, this is what you’ll be thinking, “This is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Why didn’t I do this before?” ... ‘Cause it’s true that organizing your closets also organizes your life.

6. They’ve installed closets for a few local celebrities, including the likes of Peter Frampton, Carlos Dunlap, and Chris Sabo to name a few.

True life testimonial:
Closets & More installed closets at my condo. And I love 'em so much that sometimes I open a closet door just to look at how beautifully organized my sneaker collection is. Each shoe has its own rightful spot on the shelf. I mean... that's the dream, right? Well, it's my dream. And I'm elated to say that it's been realized.

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Closets & More is ready to turn your mess into a success.
Cheesy? ... Yes.
True? ... Totally.