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Click 360° is an array of cameras lined up in a circular rig that shoots an object from 60 different angles to render a 3-dimensional image/movie clip. In other words, it's an awesome 360° photo booth. It's located at Essex Studios in Walnut Hills. / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined

Click 360: You've Never Experienced A Photo Booth Like This Before

We are a photo-obsessed society. That’s not news. We’re not blowing the lid off of anything here. It’s just a fact of life.

And while, at times, the selfies, food shots at fine-dining establishments, and other Instagrammies can be a bit much, there’s still something magical about a photo. ... About its ability to capture one moment in time.

But a photo is static. It lives in your phone or hangs framed on a wall and forces you to imagine what that moment felt like.

Not anymore. The era of 3D photos has arrived. And it’s pretty freaking incredible.

We first experienced a 360-degree photo booth at the W&S Open. It was such a fun experience that we tracked down the owner of said booth (his name is Mark Holm, btw) and forced him to snap our pics at least 20 more times at his Essex Place Studios.

The following is what ensued...

So, what’s a 360-degree photo booth?
It’s a portable studio consisting of 30-60 digital cameras that are attached to a circular rig. The subject steps into the center of the studio and poses for the cameras. When a photo is taken, it is then captured from every angle and the studio software is able to compile this into a movie, showcasing you (the subject) in 360 degrees.

What else can you do with it?
Well, you can take one of those Click 360 photos, feed it into special software, and then create a digital scale model in 3D. That model is then converted through 3D printing techniques to form an actual physical figurine.

Is it really as awesome as it sounds?
Actually, it’s more awesome.

Wait a sec, this technology reminds me of some movie with Keanu Reeves...
Yep, it’s totally like what you’ve seen in The Matrix.

Alright, I wanna try this. Can I?
Totally! You can book the 360 booth for parties, events, and/or other special occasions. Or, you can reach out to Mark directly (cell: 513-702-2787 / email: for more specific needs.


Hit up for additional information about Click 360 and bookings for your next event.