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The Krampmacken / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined / Published: 11.15.16

The Largest Thousand-Year-Old Viking Ship Ever Discovered Has Arrived In Cincy


Well, sort of.

The Cincinnati Museum Center just received an amazing exhibit shipped straight from Sweden called Vikings: Beyond the Legend, and it’s the largest collection of Norse artifacts to ever hit North America.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Cincinnati is the first place on the entire continent chosen to receive an exhibit of this magnitude. Not New York City, not Chicago, not LA, not even our nation’s freakin’ capital.

Just process that for a minute.

The exhibit tells the real tale of these people and how they weren’t all burly, bearded men swinging axes on ships all day. It explores the actual history of the people... who they were, the technology they used, and all the things that don’t ascribe to the stereotype we’ve come to know.


The exhibit is filled from bow to stern with the following:

  • 500 artifacts on loan from the Swedish History Museum which include everything from textiles to swords to ornate treasures
  • Interactive displays and hands-on challenges, including the ability to handle a replicated Viking sword
  • Two amazing Viking ship replicas based on real vessels discovered in Scandinavia
  • One Viking “ghost ship” which consists solely of the ship’s thousand-year-old iron rivets that are suspended in the shape of the original ship (this one was super cool!)

And the ultimate main attraction...

  • A skeleton of the longest Viking ship ever discovered, a 122-foot oak longship with 25% of its original wood that dates back to around 1025 BCE.


Vikings: Beyond the Legend opened November 10 and will last into Spring 2017. Trust me when I say this isn’t an exhibit you want to miss. With tons of history and beautiful artifacts ranging from huge and tiny, this exhibit will teach you a thing or two about one of the most interesting groups of people ever to roam the planet.

So gather your Viking-liking crew and sail on over to the Cincinnati Museum Center before the Vikings ship off to their next destination!


For more information about Vikings: Beyond the Legend, head to the Cincinnati Museum Center.
It is located at 1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45203.