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WINTER WHITE / Take all that white stuff covering your driveway and turn it into inspiration for canvas of your home. / Image: Brian Planalp

Bing Crosby, The Benefits of Velvet, & Other Things We Learned About Winter Decor

Flip flops. Window fans. Flower vases. Sun dresses. Tea carafes. Patio chairs. ... Just a few examples of summery things that become, well, quite superfluous under winter’s chilly gloom.

The same is true of your home decor. In the cold months, you want furniture and accents that will ooze warmth and comfort, but you also need them to hold up beside your bold holiday decorations. Don’t worry, Cincinnati’s very own Furniture Fair has you covered:


We’ll call this the “Fine, you win!” route of winter redecorating. Basically, take all that featureless white covering your driveway and doorstep and turn it into the feature of your home. It’s timeless and casual, and it offers a superb canvas for the lush greens, reds, and golds that abound in your holiday baubles.


And we’ll call this the “No winter allowed!” route of winter redecorating. Basically, take a stand against all that featureless white by decking out your home in deep reds, warm brown leathers, and houndstooth. Then finish it off with a few rustic accents that’ll remind you of the way a fire crackles in the fireplace. That’ll show ‘em.


As Mr. Constanza illuminated two decades ago, no one looks more comfortable, more relaxed, more at ease than when they’re draped in velvet. Check that box for your furniture as well. Coming in from the biting cold, there’s nothing more wonderful than placing some hot tea on the coaster and diving into your cozy velvet couch.


“It’s Christmas tiiiiiime in the cityyyyy.” Ahem, pardon me. I get into the holiday spirit a bit too enthusiastically. But with a few sparkling silver accents, you can be right there with me. Why does silver look great in the winter? Because it’s gorgeous and refulgent and mimics the color-drained palette of the outdoors without appearing neutered. Also because Bing Crosby sings about it In his soft, pillowy voice, and when Bing Crosby sings about something, you pay attention. “City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style; In the air there’s a feeling of Christmasssssss.”


Oh, you thought pastels were just for spring and summer? How precious -- but nope. In fact, pastels are useful year-round, and they’re particularly good in winter because they’re muted and textural. Light pink (er, Rose Quartz) and soft blue (Serenityyyyy) are the colors to go with. Think the blueness of ice and the pinkness of flushed cheeks after a cold winter day of sledding and you’ll be on the right track.

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