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Images courtesy of (top left) Wretched Shekels, (top middle) Wretched Shekels, (right) The Diggingest Girl, (bottom left) Grey Goose Gifts, (bottom middle) Crafty Creations

10 Cincy Etsy Stores That’ll Have You Clicking ‘Buy’ In 10 Minutes

If you haven't witnessed the glory that is Etsy by now, allow me to introduce you to the holy grail of crafty, handmade, online shopping goodness.

Etsy is a website that focuses on vintage and handmade items both from individuals and unique factory manufacturers. Basically, it's an online marketplace filled with unusual, original goods not found in your average store from the following people:

  • Crafters
  • Makers
  • Upcyclers
  • Artists
  • DIYers
  • Craftsmen
  • Woodworkers
  • Straight-up creators

You can find just about any imaginable crafty/artistic thing on the website. Cincinnati is chock-full of creatives using it – and you can order carry out, pop open a bottle of wine, and do some serious online local shopping without even having to leave the comfort of your couch.

So lets combine two of our favorite things – online shopping and local Cincinnatians – into one great round up.


THE SHOP: Crafty Creations
THE CRAFT: Handmade string art to fit any personality or style
WHY BUY: Give your space a little spruce or give the ultimate housewarming gift. Dog lover? This shop has you covered. Newly married couple? Try the Last Name String Art.

THE SHOP: Wretched Shekels
THE CRAFT: A unique collection of vintage goods and industrial accessories
WHY BUY: These eclectic, one-of-a-kind products are unlike anything sold in regular stores and will appeal to those seeking the opposite of mass-produced goods. We are still swooning over the amber glass chemistry bottles & the coin rings.

THE SHOP: Paper Acorn
THE CRAFT: Handcrafted paper goods
WHY BUY: If you're anything like us, you probably never mastered cutting paper in a straight line, let alone making amazing DIYs out of it. They've done the heavy lifting so you can enjoy cute crafts without the struggle.

THE SHOP: Simple Wood Goods
THE CRAFT: Original furniture created from local wood
WHY BUY: Put unusual & playful (yet oh so practical) furniture into your home. If you're into that mid-century modern with a pop of retro vintage vibes, this shop is just the ticket.

THE SHOP: Grey Goose Gifts
THE CRAFT: Handmade jewelry
WHY BUY: If you're looking for beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for yourself or a special someone, this shop has what you need.

THE SHOP: Pinwheel Print Shop
THE CRAFT: Colorful and fun printed goods
WHY BUY: Whether you're in need of a fun print, a pretty card, or a custom designed invitation, you'll find it here with a serious dose of sunshine added, too.

THE CRAFT: A combination of hand-crafted wood goods and vintage decor
WHY BUY: If you're looking for conversation-starters for the home, look no further. Things like wood tables with live edges, vintage advertisements, and even industrial cast iron goods can be purchased to enhance and individualize your space.

THE SHOP: Lucca Workshop
THE CRAFT: Laser-cut goods including greeting cards and decor items
WHY BUY: Their exclusive style is hard to pass up, with their products being both a bride-to-be's dream as well as a great gift for anyone who appreciates finely designed things.

THE SHOP: Red Flower Letterpress
THE CRAFT: Custom prints
WHY BUY: Combining the antique art of printing with a restored letterpress, these prints are beautiful, dimensional, and affordable works of art with a touch of that vintage flair.

THE SHOP: The Diggingest Girl
THE CRAFT: Wall hangings, fabric crafts, and paintings
WHY BUY: This shop has an Alice in Wonderland meets Pinterest magic to it. Each piece is masterfully produced to provide original works of art to prospective buyers.