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Christina LaForgia Morse & James Cunningham / Image: Jennifer Denham // Published: 4.26.18

Whet Your Ballet Palette By Experiencing Bold Moves This Weekend

I just read the press release for Cincinnati Ballet’s Bold Moves, and I’m slightly overwhelmed. (But in a good way.) There’s a lot of excitement being packaged into this triple-bill performance, which also happens to be the final program of the 2017-18 season. So please bear with me as I attempt to distill that feeling of information overload into the necessary bits that’ll entice you to go from reading this preview to becoming an engaged audience member at the Aronoff Center this weekend.


BREAK BOUNDARIES in the dance world. Be on the lookout for this, specifically, with Murder Ballades. The piece was choreographed by Justin Peck, with music composed by Bryce Dessner (guitarist for Grammy Award-winning band The National) and will be performed live by Eighth Blackbird.

HAVE YOU SAYING “Heck yeah, that Jennifer Archibald is a bada$$!” Archibald is an incredibly talented choreographer. Having seen Cincinnati Ballet perform some of her other pieces (Sit, 2014; Redeem, 2016; and Never.Nest, 2017), I’m psyched to see what she has in store with Myoho. “A graduate of the Alvin Ailey School, Archibald pulls from a variety of influences and experiences, seamlessly blending ballet with hip hop and contemporary,” explained Tom McLaughlin, Director of Marketing for Cincinnati Ballet.

In case you're not fully convinced of Archibald's bada$$ery, here's a short preview of what's coming with Myoho:

HELP YOU DISCOVER a new favorite choreographer. Well, maybe. (Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.) Kate Weare is working with Cincinnati Ballet for the first time with her World Premiere piece Show Yourself To Me. Rooted in contemporary and modern dance, Weare is “known for her ability to combine formal choreographic values with visceral emotional interpretation.”

GIVE YOU THE NECESSARY MOTIVATION to get working on Summer Beach Bod 2018. Anytime I see the ballet dancers in action, my reaction is a mix of

a) They are so freakin’ hot.
b) They are so freakin’ talented.
c) How did they just do that?
d) Oh jeez, I sound like a ballet groupie...
e) Yes, I’m totally a ballet groupie—and I’m okay with that.

These dance bods are sculpted from head to toe. And if you’re me (which might be hard, since there is only one me) that’s all the motivation I need to hit the gym or reach my step-count goal for the day.

MAKE YOU FEEL SAD because it’s the end of the ballet season. And that means you’ll have to wait 4+ long months for the gang to return in September.

- - -

Embrace the sadness on Monday morning. Until then, embrace the awesome! Bold Moves takes place April 26-29 at the Aronoff Center for the Arts.