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This home is a modern masterpiece, and it comes courtesy of Quest Modern Homes and Build Cincinnati of Coldwell Banker West Shell, which specializes in working with buyers and builders to create stunning new homes or rehab old ones. / Image courtesy of Build Cincinnati of Coldwell Banker West Shell

Meet The Teardown Specialists Who Created This Beautiful Modern Home

There aren’t many homes that look like that. It’s modern, it’s clean, it’s open... Pretty much all the buzzwords you’d use to characterize a house of excellent design. And this house fits the bill.

It was built by Quest Modern Homes and initiated by Build Cincinnati, a realtor advisory group that excels in finding buyers incredible new houses, whether rehabs or new infills following a teardown.

“Our team is the resource to keep up with the infill building trend inside I-275. We're opportunity finders,” says Michael Hines, Build Cincinnati co-founder.

You have the opportunity to see what he’s talking about. Build Cincinnati is hosting an open house at this very house in Terrace Park. There, prospective buyers can learn about what Build Cincinnati is doing in Madeira, Terrace Park, Hyde Park, and Montgomery.

The address is 313 Rugby Ave. The open house is Sunday, Oct. 16 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Don’t miss it.


It starts with a buyer who wants a great house in a great location. Hines and his property acquisition team scope out a piece of land that may or may not have a house already on it. They guide the purchase of the land and work with a variety of builders to either create a fantastic new home or gut the house and give it new life.

Location scouting is a big part of the job. Hines and his crew decide whether the location is good by, among other things, driving up and down the street and asking themselves whether they would want to live there.

It’s working out pretty well so far. New homes in hot areas are high in demand, meaning Build Cincinnati’s work of infill development and home rehabilitation is becoming ever more popular and prices are rising. Buyers are flocking to Hines and his team for their assistance in finding a new home.

Good news for the numerous families who have already moved into a Build Cincinnati home. Better news for the communities where they’ve moved, all benefitting from increased tax revenue which translates into better sidewalks and schools and more vibrant business districts.

Sounds like a win-win.

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Want to know more about Build Cincinnati of Coldwell Banker West Shell? Check out their website.