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Complete with nine townhomes, Boone Block is Covington's newest living space. It’s filled with exposed brick, tall ceilings, and plenty of old & new features. Basically, it’s your dream home. / ADDRESS: 406-422 Scott Blvd Covington, KY 41011. // Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined

Boone Block Is The Poster Child For Historic Preservation & Urban Development

There's a massive building located on the corner of 4th Street and Scott Boulevard in Covington. And when I say "massive," that's exactly what I mean. Soon, it'll be the new hot spot for urban living south of the Ohio River.

Introducing Boone Block...

Built in 1872, the building has seen a multitude of changes within its lifetime; from legal offices to tenement housing to years of straight up vacancy, the Boone Block has lived a long life. The developer, Orleans Development, respected the building’s history by repurposing elements of the original structure into the modern redesign. The units seamlessly blend old features of the building (exposed brick, original fireplaces, reclaimed wood and metal, old tubs and sinks, and original wooden doors) with modern amenities to create a unique living experience.

The end result is absolutely stunning.


  • The Boone Block comprises 9 townhomes, each with 3 floors of exposed brick, drywall, and repurposed old doors
  • Each unit has 2 full bathrooms, including a reclaimed claw-foot tub on the 2nd floor, and a half bathroom at ground level
  • There’s built-in shelving that rises from the 1st floor kitchen to the 2nd floor living area
  • There’s a garage that opens directly into the kitchen and it can be easily converted into additional "flex" space for entertaining or a studio/workspace if needed
  • Behind the building is a common area courtyard for residents to enjoy
  • A set of French doors leads to a balcony on the 2nd floor that overlooks the courtyard.
  • Each floor has 12- to 14-foot ceilings (depending on the floor)
  • It has herringbone patterned flooring on the 2nd floor
  • A rare piece of a mural by world-renowned artists, The London Police, is painted on the building’s northern side. The artists are scheduled to return this fall to flesh out the rest of the mural and make Boone Block an original work of art in addition to a preservation success story.


Thinking of living in the Boone Block? Head to the website to learn more.