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Bambino International is a collaborative photography business that’s based out of Cincinnati and celebrating 20 years in the industry. The company has three divisions: Urban Design Gallery (private art for purchase), Bridal Couture (wedding photography), and Little Bambino (family portraits). For more information about the company, visit the website:, call them by phone: 513-282-9774, or email them / Image courtesy of Bambino International

Few Can Capture A Memory, A Moment Like The Team At Bambino International

When you love what you do, it’s not a job. It’s the dream. And while (ideally) all of us are pursuing such dreams, that’s not always the reality. But it is the reality for Bambino International, a collaborative photography business that’s based out of Cincinnati and celebrating 20 years in the industry. Founded in 1997 by Michael Bambino, the company has three divisions and three current partners.


1. Urban Design Gallery, which is comprised of private art for purchase.
2. Bridal Couture, which is comprised of wedding photography.
3. Little Bambino, which is comprised of documentary-style family portraits of kids and newborns.


1. Michael Bambino: company founder
2. Michelle Jackson: Bambino International Artist who runs the Little Bambino division
3. Nidhi Bedi: marketing director

“We’re a strong, collaborative trio,” says Bambino, one of the regions most recognized high-end photographers. His journalism/street art/wedding background, combined with Jackson’s innovative talent and documentary-style expertise along with Bedi’s business savvy and keen creativity is what resulted in the establishment of Bambino International’s fine art divisions.

But that’s just a mere aperitif when it comes to this talented team. Here, we offer up a collection of insights about the compelling business known as Bambino International.

THEIR STYLE IS always evolving so as to never become outdated. They continually recruit new, fresh artists to compete at the highest level within the company and the industry.

THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is unmatched, from the initial inquiry to the photo shoot and all the way to the end. Clients receive a final delivery of custom-selected and privately-edited gallery images.

CAPTURING CANDID moments is their speciality — and it often results in the best kinds of pictures. When the subject is natural, not posed… well, that’s when the magic happens.

MEETING NEW PEOPLE, getting the chance to show off their artistic style/talents, and presenting the final results (when clients are blown away) are all aspects that make this job a dream for the team at Bambino International. “Being able to express ourselves, have fun, be creative, and make our images have feeling is all part of the job; and it’s exactly why we love what we do,” explained Jackson.

FOUR PHOTO TIPS for aspiring photographers include

1. Find a reputable mentor within the industry.
2. Have passion, no matter what style you choose. Because, at the end of the day, if you don’t have a passion for what you do, then you don’t have much of anything.
3. Find inspiration through powerful fashion media.
4. Surround yourself with solid people.

Those tips are a major part of why Bambino International has been so successful. A business doesn’t hit the 20-year mark otherwise, right? Yep, exactly. So if all of this has you intrigued to see what the final product of a Bambino International experience looks like, scroll back to the top to view the gallery.

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Bambino International is a fine art photography collective with an unmatched vision, unparalleled creativity, and a passion to please.

For more information, visit the website:

Or you can reach them by phone: 513-282-9774 or email: