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ArtsWave wants your help to innovate the arts in Cincinnati. Join them at Union Hall April 21-23 for an arts and tech competition where the winning idea is awarded $5,000. / Image courtesy of ArtsWave

ArtsWave Wants Your Help To Innovate The Arts At OTR’s Union Hall April 21-23

ArtsWave Tidal: Arts x Tech is coming back to Cincinnati for its second year after a blockbuster first outing. But this isn’t just a redo of 2016.

Yeah, the premise is the same: You’ll form teams to create solutions to challenges facing the Cincinnati arts community. But now there’s a $5,000 prize and a trip to an FC Cincinnati match involved.

Back Up A Second. What Is This Thing Again?

Ok, Tidal is a free weekend event from April 21-23 at OTR’s Union Hall. It was conceived by ArtsWave board member and local startup-er Chris Ostoich, and it’s presented by Fifth Third Bank in partnership with Cincinnati’s startup-catalyst Cintrifuse.

ArtsWave has changed the game for arts funding, so it certainly isn’t new to innovation. But now the united arts fund is collaborating with the startup community to bridge the gap between arts and tech with the hope of solving real issues facing local arts groups.

Issues? What Kind Of Issues?

  • How can we offer last-minute ticket deals for arts organizations to fill empty seats?
  • How can we empower arts patrons to become critics and advocates of the performances they see?
  • How can we collaborate across the arts ecosystem, making knowledge and resource-sharing easy and efficient across the entire sector?

Ok, What Happens Next?

Attendees will sort into teams to create solutions to said issues. The more diverse the team, the better things usually go.

After a weekend of building, teams pitch their solutions before a panel of expert judges, after which prizes will be awarded. The winning team receives some cool tech prizes. As for the aforementioned $5,000 prize, it will go to the winning solution to help implement the idea after the weekend is over.

Who Is Invited?

You are, simply by virtue of being alive, resourceful, and a Cincinnatian all at the same time! To explain what I mean, here’s Tiffany Hudson from ArtsWave:

“There’s a misconception outside the startup community that challenge weekends like this are only for developers. But we’re looking for all kinds of skill sets: marketers, strategists, artists, UX designers, writers, graphic designers, and more. Anyone who enjoys problem solving can find a use for his/her skill set at an event like this!”

Well said, Tiffany. Well said.

About That FC Cincinnati Match…

Yes, about that. ArtsWave will be featured as the community partner at the April 22 FC Cincinnati match against those scoundrels to the south. I won’t dignify their name by writing it out, but it rhymes with “Boooooo-ey-ville” (or “Bulvull” if we’re being accurate).

The doors of Union Hall will stay open until 9 p.m. if you can’t bear to step away from the work. But if you need a break, you and your teammates will be able to kick it with ArtsWave supporters at the FCC match. (Rumor has it ArtsWave is giving away beer koozies near the Rhinegeist beer station!)

Sounds Like A Great Time!

I agree, anonymous interlocutor. It does sound like a great time. So go on, register here. After all, you have nothing to lose, and you’re just one good idea away from $5,000.

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ArtsWave Tidal: Arts x Tech will take place April 21-23 at Union Hall.