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Litsa Spanos, owner & founder of Art Design Consultants / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 7.8.17

The Owner Of Art Design Consultants Is An Inspiring Female Go-Getter

Every space has a story to tell, from when you walk in the door and see a mid-century modern couch 10 feet away, a houseplant with its larger-than-life leaves nodding as if to say hello, or a provocative Tyler Shields photograph inciting something deep inside of you that you never knew existed.. And that’s where Litsa Spanos, founder & owner of Art Design Consultants, comes into play.

Her story revolves around creating those uniques spaces.

What started in her sister’s basement in 1992 as a 1-woman operation has grown into a 13-employee firm working out of a 10,000-square-foot office at The Edge building in Downtown Cincinnati. (They moved to The Edge in 2009. Prior to that, they worked out of the Pendleton Arts Center for 17 years.)

And did we mention ADC currently ranks in the top 2% of all women-owned businesses in the nation? Layman’s terms: 2% of all women-owned businesses have revenue of one million or more, and Litsa is in that select company.

So what, exactly, is Art Design Consultants?

Remember the intro about spaces telling stories? That’s the gist of ADC. Litsa and her team work with commercial clients (e.g. GE Aviation, Children’s Hospital, Frontgate, etc.) and private individuals to create beautiful spaces from which to work or live.

When you walk into a hospital, you might not be too concerned with the art on the wall. And you don’t have to be. That’s Litsa’s job. Conceptualizing a mood for a previously empty room isn’t an easy task. It takes a certain kind of mind. Considering ADC has been in business for 25 years, it seems safe to say that Litsa has that mind.

And this year, she celebrated the 25-year mark with something extra special. She published a book: Secrets of the Art World. The book took about six months to write and is Litsa’s way of giving back, sharing her knowledge and experience to help others achieve success in the art world, from social media to tips on getting into galleries to plenty more.

Because the way Litsa sees it, the more she can help others achieve their goals, the more she can achieve her own. Of course, someone with her determination has to find time to relax now and again.

Don’t worry, she does. And she has a beautiful home of her own from which to do it, sitting among her favorite artworks… a painting by local artist Kim Krause, a Gretchen Minnhaar (the first painting she ever first purchased), and a sculpture by Mark Chatterley.

But hey, before you go knocking down Litsa’s door, I’m calling dibs. My living room could use an energy injection. Litsa, can you help a friend out?

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Art Design Consultants is located at 310 Culvert Street in The Edge Building.

Note: The ADC space can also be rented out for private events.