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Aquatic & Garden Decor is a specialty decor shop in West Chester that offers planters, water features, statues, and other items associated with both outdoor and indoor beautification. Those who seek to amplify the aesthetics of their home and garden come from as far as Florida to the one-of-a-kind store. Aquatic & Garden decor has over 100 types of water lilies, lotuses, water irises, and other plants, too. ADDRESS: 9390 Cincinnati Columbus Road (45241) / Image: Catherine Viox // Published: 10.9.19

This Magical Aquatic and Garden Store Is a Decor Destination

On Route 42 in West Chester, there’s a place with some unexpected magic. Within just a few feet, you can wander through water gardens, explore fountains and water features, discover statues from around the world, and pick out unique planters for your patio.

I know, I know—when you’re looking for something these days, your first instinct may be to go online. However, you can’t see, touch, or hear what you’re buying, let alone make sure it’ll even fit where it needs to go. Plus, have you ever tried to ship a statue? It’s not cheap and your friendly postal worker probably doesn’t want to haul it. And if it’s not right, you have to go through the hassle of packing it up and shipping it back. That's exhausting just thinking about it!

Instead, check out Aquatic & Garden Decor, a unique family-owned business in West Chester. With acres of planters, water features, statues, and more, it’s become a destination for people from Cleveland to Florida to purchase items for their homes and businesses.

“We’re different than a garden center,” says owner Jim Sparnall. Jim purchased a portion of the family business in 1990 from his grandparents, who opened their doors in 1949. “Our focus is on d├ęcor.”

Relocating and expanding the business in 2002 gave Aquatic & Garden Decor the advantage of being able to carry a wider selection of items than ever before. “We don’t do an online business, and our prices are typically lower than online because we are often the largest buyer for many manufacturers, and we always deal directly with them,” says Jim.

Walking around Aquatic & Garden Decor is an experience like no other, almost as though you’ve been transported into a different world that, when you drive by, could fool you into thinking it was just a house (until, of course, you notice the peaceful waterfalls right out front). Once parked, venture out back and explore hundreds of running water features, colorful pottery planters, birdbaths, and garden benches as well as contemporary, traditional, and Asian statuary.

Their variety of water plants is unmatched. With over 100 types of water lilies, lotuses, water irises, and more, you are certain to find the perfect plant for your pond. Enjoy wandering the myriad paths without worries about a salesperson chasing you around; they’re not commission-based. They’d even be happy to snap a picture of you among the waterfalls for your next Instagram post.

The engaging staff at Aquatic & Garden Decor will consult with you to determine exactly what you want for your unique space. Simply bring pictures and measurements and they’ll help you make a decision based on location, durability, and style. Most items are available in different finishes and custom orders are welcomed. Delivery and installation are also available, or you can do it yourself. It’s up to you!

When you are finished walking the grounds, step into the indoor showroom for a fun selection of garden accents, a variety of beautiful hummingbird feeders, hand-tuned wind chimes made in the USA, and holiday items from Mark Roberts collectibles. A line of custom order wall fountains adorns the space with offerings in many sizes, finishes, and stone options. They work directly with the manufacturer so you can choose the exact stone you’ll have in your home or business, and you’ll receive it in just 2-3 weeks.

Just visit! Experience Aquatic & Garden Decor! Bring your walking shoes and your ideas, and their team will help make them a peaceful, relaxing reality.