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American Can Lofts are located in Northside at 4101 Spring Grove Ave, 45223. [Image: Rose Brewington]

American Can Lofts: Urban Swankiness In The Heart Of Northside

The moment you find yourself saying "This was made just for me" is the moment you're sold. You just have to have it. Whatever it is.

Maybe it's those combat boots you can't wait to lace up. Perhaps it's that new matte-black Jeep Wrangler you're dying to get out on the road. Or it could be that made-for-Instagram Bloody Mary you've been dreaming about.

Long story short: You're sold and you're not leaving without it.

If it's been a while since you've experienced a moment like this, well... you're in for some "Ooohs" and "Aaahs." (Especially if you're into architecture and interior design. Especially if your tastes lean toward that super-swanky, urban-chic style).

American Can Lofts, a collection of NYC-inspired, environmentally conscious apartments located in Northside, are the definition of urban living. This newly renovated facility features a variety of units -- from 615 sq. ft. to 1,513; from 1-bedroom-plus-loft combos to 3-bedroom-plus-loft spaces; and a whole lot of variations in between.

Let's zoom in on the specifics.


  • Ruth's Parkside Cafe, right on the first floor

  • Looks like we're off to a solid start.

  • 12-inch concrete floors

  • Goodbye, noise. / Hello, peace!

  • Private conference rooms

  • Hi there, flat screens/ perfectly executed meeting.

  • Exercise room

  • Art room

  • Music practice room

  • Outdoor patio

  • Indoor bicycle storage area

  • A bocce ball court

  • Loads of green features, including...

  • Energy-efficient heating, air conditioning, and fluorescent lighting

  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures

  • Reused and recycled building

  • More

  • & Yep, American Can Lofts are pet-friendly as well.

All that, plus a location right in the midst of the buzz-worthy Northside action? Uh oh... I feel a "This was made just for me" comin' on!---The American Can Lofts are located at 4101 Spring Grove Ave, 45223. Want to learn more? Visit