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Algin Retro is a boutique furniture store that specializes in mid-century modern reproductions along with original, contemporary designs. / ADDRESS: 800 Main Street (45202) // Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined

This Downtown Furniture Takes Mid-Century Modern Into The 21st Century

Living downtown is awesome. [Insert rainbows, butterflies, and a unicorn here]

But I’m moving... [Rainbow morphs into storm clouds and the unicorn's horn becomes an active lightning rod]

Not out of downtown (phew!), just to a different apartment. And it has become clear that I need more furniture. And after walking up and down Main Street for the last three years, I know just the place to visit: Algin Retro.

To sum it up, Algin Retro's catalog specializes in mid-century modern designs, reclaimed, and custom furniture. The store features reproductions of older furniture as well as totally new pieces that are influenced by both newer and older works.

They have chairs.
They have sofas.
They have dining sets.
They have one-of-a-kind pieces from local artists.
They have everything ( -- and it's all beautiful).

It's a furniture store with -- you guessed it -- all your furniture needs. But it's more than that; these aren't just any old pieces of furniture. They're stylish, built to last, and reasonably priced.

They also make custom wooden tables that are cut from a variety of tree types sourced from upstate New York and finished to each customer’s specifications in the Urban Timber Workshop. Keep the natural edge, or don’t. Fill the imperfections with shards of stained glass and add a gloss to it. Algin's superior craftsmanship is more than capable of bringing to fruition your vision for the piece.

Everything they sell is carefully curated and specially designed with the utmost care.

Check out the gallery of photos and see for yourself why Algin Retro is the perfect downtown furniture store. Also, dibs on that Eames chair.


Your new sofa and end tables are waiting for you.

Check out Algin Retro's wonderful catalog of products online or visit them at 800 Main Street in Downtown Cincinnati.