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512 Reading Road is 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom industrial loft in Pendleton. It’s currently on the market for $360,000. / Image courtesy of OwnerLand Realty // Published: 12.5.16

This Soho-Style Industrial Loft In Pendleton Is A Statement Of Character

I’m gonna hazard a guess on this place at 512 Reading Road: You’ll either love it or... well, something else. (Went out on a limb there.)

For my part, living in a Soho-style, open-layout, industrial loft with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms has always been a dream of mine, all the better if it’s located in Pendleton.

I imagine sitting at that gorgeous slab of granite in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee so strong its viscosity resembles that of motor oil, swaddled in Article denim and black watch plaid, surrounded by exposed brick and turn-of-the-century prints, and in the process of finishing a novel at my typewriter. (Ok, at my computer. No need to get too Brooklyn here.)

Yes, this Pendleton loft is a statement of character, as much as the coffee or the denim or the Chili Peppers funk hammering the background.

Of course, that’s my vision for what this loft would look like. You might fill it out completely differently.

For example, you might be drinking kombucha or a $10 juice. You might be swaddled in Sloane attire or something from Banana Republic. You might replace the prints with Jackson Pollock knockoffs or Billy Idol posters. (Strange, but ok.)

Point is, you can do whatever you like to this place and it will remain a place of tremendous character. It’s a textured canvas – not blank, but one that already says something over which you’d be creating a palimpsest.

And for me, that’s what makes 512 Reading Road cool.


  • 77 years old
  • Exposed brick and rafters
  • Modern kitchen with updated amenities
  • A private garage
  • Front-loading washer and dryer
  • Loft beds
  • A rooftop deck with a view

Take this inner city treasure chest off the market today for $360,000.

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The loft at 512 Reading Road is listed by Rich Thompson of OwnerLand Realty. Check out the listing here.