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Nicole Nichols of Revival Designs flips local houses with remarkable results. 4201 Eileen Drive in Oakley is her fifth project, and it's simply stunning. The home is for sale, too. It's currently on the market for $499,900. / Image: Nicole Nichols, Revival Designs // Published: 11.6.17

Revival Designs' Latest Oakley House Flip Is HGTV-Worthy

We brought you the story of Nicole Nichols of Revival Designs last September. If you’re one of those can’t-remember-what-you-had-for-breakfast people (no worries, there are more of us than we realize), here’s a teaspoon of the essentials:

  • Nicole double majored in architecture and interior design but didn’t dig the design world.
  • She made designing a hobby and pursued health education full time.
  • She eventually quit her job to take care of her son and hit the house-flipping lifestyle hard.
  • She’s been incredibly successful with making old homes new again.

Got it? Ugh, you forgot the first bullet point, didn’t you? Alright, here’s an eye drop from the teaspoon:

  • Nicole does a fantastic job professionally flipping houses after having spent quality time learning how to do it.

Now you’re up to speed for the segue into an update on Nicole’s recent activity. She just finished her fifth house renovation, and we couldn’t resist heralding it from atop our digital soapbox. This time, her project is in Oakley.

Let’s get you acquainted with 4201 Eileen Drive, the aforementioned flip job.

It straddles the best of both worlds. The house isn’t new, so it has character in spades — the kind associated with having a history and bearing witness to decades of lives lived within it. It has a reputation for being the hallowed haven to which Cincinnatians retreated when they grew tired of traipsing about the outside world. This house has stories.

Thanks to Nicole, it’s now modernized and has begun writing a brand new chapter with a fresh pen. She's gone to great lengths to make 4201 Eileen Drive a contemporary jaw-dropper despite the age of its bones. This house has vitality anew.

It used to be a duplex with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Nicole and contractor Joe Wood of All Around Joe converted it to a single-family residence with a master suite addition, creating a 2350-square-foot home with 5 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms all within an open-concept layout.

The whole remodel has a very Architectural Digest look to it. Heck, it could even be the house the professional apple picker and slam poet with the unexplainable budget of $900K would choose on an episode of House Hunters.

Words can only do it so much justice. Nicole is (unsurprisingly) a solid photographer, so check out her photos in the gallery above.

Also, this message is for Nicole (no one else read this next part!): stop being mega-talented at basically everything. You’re making the rest of us look terrible.

- - -

Check out Nicole's website. And 4201 Eileen Drive is for sale! Here's the listing.