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<p>3408 Manor Hill Drive #1 is a 3 bedroom, 2.1 bathroom condo for sale in Clifton. It’s listed at $449,000. Once the home of John Moerlein, son of famous Cincinnati beer baron Christian Moerlein, this late 1800s estate is chock full of history. / Images courtesy of Robinson Sotheby’s // Published: 7.15.18</p>

The Son Of Beer Baron Christian Moerlein Once Lived At This Estate

Dating back to the late 1880s, what was once a 10-acre estate on what is now 3408 Manor Hill Drive in Clifton, sits the original home of Henry Meyer. Meyer was involved in tobacco sales and the president of Atlas National Bank. Years later in 1904, John Moerlein (son of famed beer baron Christian Moerlein) acquired the property. For those with an affinity for and appreciation of history & architecture, this home is a gem.

Though the architect is unknown, it was built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and features Queen Anne windows & paneling, an oak mantel, a hand-painted frieze, a multi-layered classical cornice, and plenty more. (Much more.) The craftsmanship and detail work is nearly overwhelming for those whose natural habitat doesn't include gables, arched porte-cocheres, corbels, etc. I mean, where else can you find a puce hearth-surround that tells the story of a man’s life from early childhood to final solitude? That certainly didn’t exist in my suburban childhood home in Montgomery.

Over the years, parcels of the property were distributed, downsizing the lot from 10 acres to three-quarters of an acre. The carriage house, adjacent to the mansion, was turned into a single-family home during the tenure of the current owners’ time at 3408 Manor Hill.

Restoring this place to its former glory and updating it for modern times took the right caretakers. Thank goodness for Ron Steinhoff and his wife, Kathy DeLaura, who are the current owners. They purchased the residence in 1985 and have been amazing stewards of the property since.

During the renovation process, back when Ron & Kathy first bought the manor, they subdivided the house into multiple units. They saved the first floor and part of the second for themselves while creating two additional apartments for rent on the second and third floors. Even with the “downsizing,” there's over 5,000 square feet of living space in the main unit, which includes three bedrooms, two full and one half bathroom.

Now it’s time for this gorgeous estate to change hands once again. It’s currently on the market for $449,000. Will you be the one to etch your name in the history books?

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3408 Manor Hill Drive (Unit 1) is a 3 bedroom, 2.1 bathroom condo for sale in Clifton. It’s listed at $449,000. If you’re interested in taking a look, scroll to the top to view the photo gallery or contact listing agent Lee Robinson.