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Built in the early 1900s by architectural firm Elzner & Anderson, 333 Oliver Road is a 20,000-square-foot historic home in Wyoming, Ohio. The estate was originally built for Edward Stearns, a local business baron who gained his wealth in the textile industry operating a mattress-manufacturing plant. The home has 10 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms plus 3 half baths. And it’s currently on the market for $1,800,000. / Image: Tim Spanagel // Published: 7.13.17

Experience The Grandeur Of The Edward R. Stearns Estate In Wyoming

Imagine the house you grew up in for a minute. … The dot dot dot was me giving you a minute to think.

Okay, so maybe everyone had their own bedroom. Or maybe you had to share with your annoying older brother. Either way, you’ve had enough time to picture your childhood home.

Now, I want you to toss that image out of your head and envision growing up in a Wyoming estate. But this isn’t just any old estate. This is an early 20th century historic mansion built by Elzner & Anderson. This is 20,000+ square feet of whatever you can fit into that many square feet. (My head is spinning, as my place is only 800 square feet. Like, whoa…)

This is 10 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms worth of luxury. This is mahogany-beamed ceiling and wainscoting that would befit an art museum. This is pocket doors and sprawling porches.

This is — wait for it — the Edward R. Stearns estate at 333 Oliver Road. You may (or may not) recognize that last name. Perhaps if we pair it with another name it will ring the right bells for you… Stearns & Foster, the mattress company. Well, Edward was a relative of George Stearns, a founding partner of the company. And Edward eventually ran the company himself.

Edward resided in the home until 1914. Following that, Evan Foster Stearns moved in. His son Evan Jr. (who also happened to be born in the house) stayed there until 1984. Since that time, the home was sold outside of family lines.

And that actually brings us to the present day, as the home is for sale yet again. You just need a cool $1.8 million and it could be yours. Keep in mind that’s actually quite a deal, because to recreate a home of this grandeur today, it would probably cost close to $6.9 million.

Last thing: Did we mention there’s an organ? Yep. This house has it’s own organ. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of service. But still, an organ… I mean, your childhood home had an organ, right?

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For more information about 333 Oliver Road, visit the listing here.