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This Company Bets It Can Remodel Your Entire Kitchen In Only Three Days

An entire kitchen or bath renovation in just three days? No way. Impossible. Can't be done.

That's what I thought before meeting Sam Tidwell of 3 Day Kitchen & Bath – a business whose name is a promise, not an exaggeration. Sam is a trained kitchen and bathroom designer and can provide you with a full-service, floor-to-ceiling remodel in literally just three days.

Sam is the local dealer for the company, which is based in Salt Lake City. He brought 3 Day Kitchen & Bath to the Tristate in 2017, but he's been doing remodels for about five years, starting when he was still an engineering student at the University of Cincinnati.

After a few years, Sam said he was struggling in his own business. That's when he found a book, The E-Myth Contractor, which led him to 3 Day Kitchen & Bath.

Sam says the business' model solves a lot of problems with traditional remodeling: namely the amount of time it takes and how much you wind up paying.

“Kitchens take three months to do. Bathrooms take six weeks. That’s about the norm," Sam says. "The reality is there’s not three months worth of work to do in a kitchen. The problem is there’s a lot of waiting during a remodel.”

A lot of that waiting comes from a company having four or five jobs at once, but 3 Day Kitchen & Bath focuses on one job at a time, and they have everything lined up and ready to go when it's time to start.

And the best part? They're ALWAYS done on time.

“We work as long as it takes to keep our promise,” Sam says. “I don’t know of any other company that guarantees a finish date other than us, and we have never failed.”

Now, some remodels can take a little longer, but Sam will let you know ahead of time if that's the case. He also says they've never had to change a price on customer, even if they went over budget.

How it works is Sam brings an entire showroom trailer to your home where he can help you pick out everything from flooring to cabinets. He can also advise you on the best products for your needs. He then puts the start and finish dates of your remodel on the calendar and books you a hotel stay. Three days after the remodel starts, you'll have a brand new, top-notch kitchen or bath.

Sam also does whatever it takes to make sure you're satisfied with your remodel. There's no trade-off when it comes to quality.

“What I really like is when I’ve really been helpful. I like to think that what I do matters,” he said. "[Customers] are putting a lot of faith in me to do this project for them; my goal is that they know we will take care of them no matter what.”

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Learn more about 3 Day Kitchen & Bath by visiting their website.