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Gorgeous, right? Yeah, CiTiRAMA's new College Hill development offers everything you could want in a home, and you'll have an opportunity to look inside during the CiTiRAMA event September 10-18. / Image: Daniel Smyth Photography

Get A Sneak Peek At CiTiRAMA’s New College Hill Development

That apartment you’ve been renting since you were a twenty-something just ain’t cutting it anymore? I feel ya.

It’s time you (and perhaps your budding family) take the next step. And that next step is a well-built, affordable house in a walkable neighborhood abounding in community charm and suburban security.

So basically... Gershom Grove, the new CiTiRAMA development that you'll be able to see for yourself September 10-18.


Since 1996, CiTiRAMA has been the home show where young families find gorgeous homes in promising new developments around Cincinnati. CiTiRAMA’s newest project is College Hill’s Gershom Grove, where four show homes are already nearing completion and, ultimately, a total of 36 are planned.

We’ve seen the homes, and they’re eye candy -- spacious, welcoming, open, and with just the right amount of modern stylings. (Check out the gallery for a little taste of what we’re talking about.)

But future Gershom Grove residents will get more than a wonderful home. Because those homes are part of a Special Assessment District that offers a 20-year tax abatement on all improvements, including the new home and any additional structures.

Even to someone who only knows marginally more about property taxes than I do about rocket engines and fractal geometry, that still seems like a pretty good deal. And, in fact, it is, because the folks that do know what they’re talking about estimate the tax increment financing at work will result in a 50% tax savings for owners. Just think about what you could do with all that extra cash... Bengals season tickets, maybe? Like, really good ones.


CiTiRAMA focuses on one of Cincinnati’s 52 vibrant neighborhoods. This time it's College Hill. And though you may not have heard, it's one of the city’s up-and-coming places to live.

College Hill is a neighborhood brimming in community charm. There’s a slew of walkable boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants on Hamilton Avenue in the College Hill Business District. More, the interstates are nearby, so you’re never more than a few minutes away from Downtown.

Yet despite the quasi-urban feel, the Gershom Grove homes are set on private wooded parcels removed from the bustle. It’s really the best of all worlds, and it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Don’t believe me? Go check out the homes for yourself.

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CiTiRAMA will be held at Gershom Grove. The show will be open to the public daily from Saturday, September 10 through Sunday, September 18. Hours are from 4p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 12p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Tickets are $10 for adults. Children 12 and under will be admitted free of charge if accompanied by an adult.

CiTiRAMA is an event produced by the Home Builders Association of Cincinnati and the City of Cincinnati. To learn more about CiTiRAMA 2016, visit the website.