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1728 Hanfield Street is a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in Northside. Amy Danner and Frank Melendez bought the house in September 2015 and started renovating in May 2016. They completed the project, which included an addition to the back end of the house and a complete overhaul to the interior (i.e. new HVAC, electric, and plumbing) in July. The house was staged by Jennifer Miller of Finishing Touch Staging & Design. / Image: Alias Imaging // Published: 8.10.17

This Northside Home Renovation Could’ve Been Featured On HGTV

There’s a real talent in seeing a disaster but having the vision to turn it into something magical. And by “disaster,” I’m referring to a house that is nearly falling apart. Most people wouldn’t look at a crumbling box and say, “You know what. I’ll take it!” Most people want a finished product. Well, let’s take a step back here. I can’t necessarily speak for most people. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself here. ‘Cause I know — for sure — that I wouldn’t want to take on a project that requires contractors, subcontractors, and the dreaded ongoing refrain of “Sorry, but we’re running behind schedule.”

Thankfully, the world is made up of other folks who look into the face of disaster and see something beautiful. They see Carrara marble by a mantle in the living room, light playing off of unearthed exposed brick in the dining room, and hand-painted concrete Moroccan floor tile to add a splash of flair to the bathroom. The name of said folks? Sure, I’ll tell ya. It’s Amy Danner and Frank Melendez. (Though, to be fair, it’s mostly Amy.)

This local couple just finished their second remodel in Northside. It’s a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home on Hanfield Street. The first one sold in 2015. The one we’re about to discuss they bought in September 2015, but it’s taken up until this past July to get it into tip-top shape. And once you see the pics well, whoa. Be prepared to have a gut reaction that’ll include calling your bank to see if you can make an offer. ‘Cause it’s freakin’ adorable.


I love bringing older homes back to life. My philosophy is to salvage and restore whatever original architectural details I can. However, this house had already been demoed when we bought it, so there were not many original architectural details left in the house; all of the doors, trim and even the plaster had been removed. However, there was a lot of exposed brick which we immediately fell in love with. But what really won my heart was the green hearth tile in the master bedroom that was peeking its way through some ancient, crusty brown paint. You can only imagine the look of astonishment and dismay on my face when someone suggested a closet be built on top of it.

— Amy Danner


She did this all herself. Not exactly. But, basically. Amy took on the role of general contractor, either delegating assignments or doing them herself. For instance, she handled all of the tile work and built the walk-in shower. Frank (her husband) assisted with some of the carpentry projects. Umm, bada$$ alert?!

In a former life, Amy was an educator. But she’s always had an interest in architecture and design, so she left the schoolhouse to pursue a dream. Pretty cool. Yep, sho’ is. ... Just like the cool house she renovated. Scroll back to the top to see the before & pics, and you’ll be even more impressed.

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1728 Hanfield Street is a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Northside. It’s currently under contract.