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1550 Neeb Road, better known as the Bappert House, was built in 1936 for Kroger VP John Bappert and his wife, Cecilia, in the Tudor Revival style. It’s over 4300 square feet and has four bedrooms and five bathrooms (three full and two half). The home is currently on the market for $449,900, listed by the Bisher Group at Coldwell Banker West Shell. / Image: Chris Farr, The First Showing // Published: 4.27.18

Discover The Amazing History Behind This Green Township Historic Home

Jeopardy question: In 1883, this grocery store company was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you answered “What is Kroger?” you would be correct. Okay, here’s another one: In 1936, this two-story Tudor-Revival house took shape in Green Township on the West Side.

Anybody?? Come on, you’ve got this.

If you answered “What is The Bappert House?” then you’d be correct.

The house, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, was built for Joseph Bappert (an upper-level executive at Kroger) and his wife, Cecilia. Nearly a century after its construction, the house retains elements of its architectural integrity, from the materials used to the design to the workmanship, etc.

In 1943, Cincinnati artist Mathais Noheimer was commissioned to paint a series of rathskeller murals. Though Noheimer typically painted landscape or more modern illustrations, for these murals he harnessed the style of Flemish Renaissance artist Pieter Brueghel—in particular, what one might see from Brueghel’s “The Peasant Wedding” and “The Wedding Dance.” And in the basement of the Bappert House, the murals pay homage to Cincinnati's rich German heritage.

Since the house at 1550 Neeb Road was first built, it’s exchanged hands a few times. And it’s about to yet again. The current owners of this 4300-square-foot abode are ready to pass the legacy onward. So if you know someone who’d prefer to trade in regular, plain-Jane amenities for a spiral staircase, turret, third-floor bonus room, four-car garage, and more on the list, there’s a historic home waiting for you.

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1550 Neeb Road is a 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom (3 full, 2 half) historic home located in Green Township next to the Western Hills Country Club. It's currently on the market for $449,900 and is listed by the Bisher Group at Coldwell Banker. If you’re interested in more info, contact Ron Bisher or Anna Bisher. They can be reached by phone here: 513-574-4300.