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Fitopia is a powerful, new workout experience designed to maximize your whole-body strength, health and wellness in just 20 minutes. / Image courtesy of Fitopia // Published: 3.31.2021

Charging Up Your Workouts with Fitopia

If working smarter, not harder is your jam, check out Fitopia where a 20 minute session is the equivalent to 60-90 minutes of conventional training.

Fitopia uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) impulses, which cause your muscles to contract, like a you'd get with a bicep curl, but deeper and more effectively than you could do on your own. "With a regular bicep curl, you get two muscle contractions," says Bharat Kakar, Fitopia founder. "With EMS, you get 85 contractions per second, and not just on the biceps – but all major muscle groups like legs, arms, chest, abdomen, glutes, and your upper, mid, and lower back."

Kakar says it's the first-of-its-kind fitness, especially in the Tri-State. "It's been big in Europe for years," he adds. "People in the US - including celebrities - are starting to do it, and now it's here in Cincinnati."

The EMS workout at Fitopia, Kakar says, targets over 90% of the body’s muscles in just 20 minutes. "You're targeting nearly every muscle in your body in under a half hour." He says this aspect is especially attractive for people with busy lifestyles.

Who's most likely to love EMS? Kakar says that EMS-based training helps a variety of clients including people wanting to lose weight, athletes wanting to get stronger, older people fighting muscle atrophy, new moms strengthening their pelvic floor muscles, people recovering from an injury who want to balance their muscles after rehab, and even clients with chronic back pain who want to help their back.

"Busy moms are losing 25 pounds and feeling like themselves again," says Kakar. "Athletes are getting faster and breaking performance plateaus. Older adults are building strength and stability, which keeps them independent longer."

Kakar says research shows that EMS delivers positive results for improving strength, losing weight, and toning muscles. "A 20 minute workout at Fitopia will get you 90 minutes of benefits, 51,000 reps, and up to 1,130 calories burned," he adds.

Plus, Fitopia personal trainers are there to watch your form, keep you motivated and make sure you're maximizing your output to reach your goals. "Trainers can also integrate cardio into workout for you, or you can maintain your cardio outside of Fitopia," adds Kakar.

In the new normal of COVID precautions, Fitopia is currently operating on an appointment-only basis with no more than two clients at a time. All equipment is wiped down between each client, including changing rooms.

"All employees and trainers are masked when in-studio," says Kakar. "Since no weights are used, you don’t have to worry about a personal training spotting you or breathing on you. We’re going above and beyond to make this a safe, healthy space for clients to improve their fitness and wellbeing."

Fitopia EMS is located at 7604 Cox Lane in West Chester. Those interested in trying out Fitopia can get a free week, including body composition analysis and two sessions. To learn more, visit here.